National Police Cadet Corps (Land)

Achievements in NPCC HQ competitions

Unit Overall Proficiency Award

  • 2012 – Sustained Achievement for 5-year consecutive Gold Award

  • 2011 – Gold Award

  • 2010 – Gold Award

  • 2009 – Gold Award

  • 2008 – Gold Award

  • 2007 – Gold Award

  • 2006 – Silver Award

  • 2005 – Silver Award

  • 2004 – Gold Award

  • 2003 – Gold Award

  • 2002 – Gold Award

  • 2001 – Gold Award

  • 2000 – Gold Award

Other Achievements in NPCC HQ Competitions

  • 61st and 70th position for the Inter-Unit Revolver Shoot Competition (Prelim round) in 2012 

  • 31st and 37th position for the Inter-Unit Campcraft Competition (Prelim round) in 2012

  • participated in Inter-Unit Drill Competition (Prelim round) in 2012

  • 27th and 37th position for the Inter-Unit Revolver Shoot Competition (Prelim round) in 2011

  • One of 24 semi- finalists for Inter-Unit Quiz Competition in 2011 

  • participated in Inter-Unit Drill Competition (Prelim round) in 2012

    Reflections of Cadets on HQ Competitions in 2012

    I felt that the Campcraft Competition experience was one that was very enriching. Just fresh from Year 2 and thinking that NPCC is only about police force and drills, it made me see the other parts of NPCC. Through the competition training sessions, I managed to develop as a person not only in my skills but my character as well. It helped me be more determined as a cadet and be able to handle stress much better due to the pressurizing atmosphere of the 10 minutes time limit to pitch the tent and flagstaff. Overall, I felt that the campcraft competition preliminary round on 4th February at HTA has helped me learn many new skills and improve on what I should know. (by CPL Samuel Chian from Year 2)

    I felt that going through the vigorous Drill competitiontraining in July was very tiring. However, we definitely learnt a lot from it. From the friendships forged through the different trainings to the scolding from all our trainers, it was definitely fun. I think my favorite part, ironically, was when I was moved from polishing my own boots to uniform preparation. It showed me that my squad mates not only cared about the competition but my welfare as well, allowing me to do something I was better at. I think that this drill competition not only improved our proficiency in foot drills but also allowed us to bond together as NPCC squad mates and friends. (by CPL Samuel Chian from Year 2)

    Having shot the revolver twice in year 2 and year 3, I did not think that it would be much different in the Revolver Shoot competition preliminary round on 30th May in HTA. Sure, it was a different target and a time limit was imposed, but having scored almost full points for marksman shoot, I was confident. During the competition day, the atmosphere was tense and I felt the pressure. Sadly, the shoot was not in my favor and I scored rather low, in comparison to my goal. However, I enjoyed shooting the revolver and I certainly miss the feeling of pulling the trigger in an effort to prove that I was the better marksman. Of course, my result was nonetheless poor when compared against some of my team mates, but I certainly enjoyed the moment, when I did not have to think about the results as I fired a shot (by SGT Ryan Cheung from Year 3)